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People who are sexually aggressive and want to avoid pregnancy should be notified of their options when it appears to birth control. There are several types of contraception free to assist avoid pregnancy. But, the only completely reliable method for avoiding pregnancy is abstaining from sex.

The Family Planning Association (FPA) in the UK, requires that up to 90 percent of sexually aggressive women will become pregnant in 12 periods if they do not use contraception. A character risks becoming pregnant all the time they have sex without contraception, including the original time they always hold sex.

Any methods are possible without a direction, but most want one. Each form of source control has benefits and disadvantages. Learn to read more about the various types of contraception meant to help people evade pregnancy.

Female condoms

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Female condoms are more accessible without medicine. They can be used rather of a male condom, but should nevermore be done with one.

According to the CDC, female condoms are around 79 percent adequate for contraception.

Several drugstores soon fail female condoms, but if regional markets do negative stock them, they are free online.


A diaphragm is a preventive system of contraception that a character sets inside the vagina. It is great to apply spermicide to the diaphragm before all treatment.

When practiced with spermicide, the CDC predicts that the diaphragm is restricted to 90 percent efficient.

A person needs to insert the diaphragm some hours before sex, leave it in position for 6 hours after love, and discard it after 24 hours. Diaphragms do not defend against STIs.

Not ready for a baby?

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Then produce sure you know how to stop pregnancy. The stablest way to prevent pregnancy is negative to have sex. Taking fasting (meaning deciding not to produce any variety of sex at all) not only guards you against pregnancy but more sexually transmitted diseases (STI). If you do choose to become sexually intense, make positive you know how to lessen your risk of catching an STI and limit unplanned pregnancy.

Birth Control Options

While condoms assist prevent both STIs also pregnancy, other methods of birth control (more described contraception) just help prevent pregnancy. While you may take different kinds of birth control, remember that condoms are one best method of security against STIs as properly.

There are several options accessible for preventing pregnancy, private with its own set of benefits and disadvantages. If you are sexually ready and don’t require to become pregnant, download our birth power design comparison chart to help you get the choice that’s fittest for you. Learn: several choices to prevent reproduction do not guard you against STIs.

Know the Facts

Possibly you’ve tried any “facts” of pregnancy (and steps to avoid it). Like, a girl can’t become pregnant the first time girl becomes sex, or you can’t become pregnant if you are on your period. Those “facts” are not sure.

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